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A wearable sleeping bag?  Yes please.  This has been a game changer for winter vanlife in Canada.  Do yourself a favour and get yourself and everyone you know a Selk Bag.  STAT.

Lomi Home Composter by Pela outside on a tree stump


Since bringing the Lomi Home Composter into the van, I have been able to reduce my food waste (and smell!).  And at only 500W it’s also low on electric requirements. Win win.

rad runner rad power bike girl standing behind on rock wall orange jacket white helmet


My Rad Runner Rad Power Bike was my favourite purchase of 2020.  And yes.  I did buy my van in 2020.  And yes.  The bike is just that good.

Jackery solar generator with solar panels charging outside


I recently added a Jackery 240W solar generator and 60W solar panels to the van set up.  They will be great in summer for outdoor activities, and a blessing in the winter when my batteries need a little extra love.